The Design Collective Volume 1 - Pincushions

The Design Collective Volume 1 - Pincushions

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Introducing a brand new series of books from Inspirations - The Design Collective. In this first volume, Pincushions have been given a makeover. Each designer was given the same brief. There were no rules. No guidelines. The only criteria: the final project must house pins and needles.
The result? The most imaginative, clever, and artistic pincushions you have ever seen.
There are 12 projects included:

Ivy by Margaret Light
Trailing stems of ivy with flowers and berries surround a hand-quilted circlet within a square design.

Celeste Fig by Christine Burton
Three-dimensional fig with beaded blackwork designs creating texture and shading.

Daisies & Forget-me-nots by Ana Mallah
Enchanting pincushions, each surrounded by pretty stumpwork flowers.

Sweet Strawberry by Victoria Laine
Colourful strawberry motif and background in counted thread embroidery with metal thread highlights.

Fragments by Anna Scott
Jacobean-style flower and buds in vibrant reds and blues adorn a small, pleated pillow top.

Norwegian Lace by Di KirchnerDelicate and lace-like square of Hardanger atop a linen base, finished with a wrapped bead.

Sacred Flower by Margaret Lee
Symbolism-rich lotus design worked with gleaming filament silks using Chinese embroidery techniques.

Nodding Greenhood by Alison Cole
An Australian bushland scene brought to life with a stumpwork study of native orchids on a wooden base.

Cho Mon by Jane Nicholas
A perfect trio of stylised, goldwork butterflies form a circular shape on a pillow design.

Sweet William by Hazel Blomkamp
Sparkling, three-dimensional beaded flowers and leaves surround a lattice on a circular design.

Deerfield by Deborah Love
Graceful buds and stems worked in harmonious blue shades, finished with a beaded edge.

Bargello & Blackwork by Betsy Morgan
Open box and scissor fob with elegant panels of counted thread and velvet pincushion.